Aude Toma (daika91) wrote,
Aude Toma

penguin love romeance two >

3 months after:

they met always after theirs schools

they talk of all or nothing,

audrey: sorry, i don't am late??

daiki to hug her: no but i miss you

audrey; ow you are cute and sweet *nosebleed*

daiki: hontoi??

audrey: hai hontoni ^^

daiki leave her hand and hug her again: you also you ae cute funny and cute!!!

audrey kiss him on his lips: thank you my love i am so happy

daiki: me too you are my only love, i love you

audrey; i love you like a crazy you know; i will go in your home

daiki: you are sure

audrey: yes i am

daiki: okey, if you will ^^

audrey *happy and worried*: thank you

her mind: i will him now but i am afraid >

daiki: don't worried, i am so happy to be with you ^^

audrey: really??

daiki: yes

daiki: look my home

audrey: kirei it's cute

daiki: it's my parents who have choose this house

audrey; they have a good choice ^^

daiki *go to kitchen*:ok you will drink something??

audrey: maybe a coke or tea

daiki:  have the two

audrey: choose for me please

daiki: oket tea thus

audrey: ah but...

daiki, no it's good for your health

audrey: you have right sorry >

daiki like always :p

audrey; ahahah yes always ^^

daiki: love you kiss me

audrey*kiss him*: me too 

daiki* grab her in his room*; i will you audrey now i can't wait anymore

audrey: me too i have enough to wait i will you in me now

daik*close the door*i: it'll is a big and good night for we two

audrey *smile and kiss him*: yes very good

Tags: daiki arioka fanfic
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