Aude Toma (daika91) wrote,
Aude Toma

penguin romance

begin in the train, they are meet them...

daiki *look a windows*: say so boring, when the pretty girl like in his place...

he look her so much, he find her so pretty....

he say: i can't look her because she is so cute...

the pretty girl come and say:  scuse me, this place is no occuped??

daiki say: afraid no, it's no occuped

the girl say thanks and sit beside him

he is become red, so bushing

the girl thinks that: wahouu he i a cute boy, *o*

daiki say: she look me?? nande?? azakuchi

watashi wa afraid..

the girl look him with her beautiful eyes like for eat him

yes, he is cute miaaaam

and she talk with him

why you are alone??

daiki: say because my friends are bus

the girl: humm okey, you know i love you

daiki: ehhhhhh

the girl: yes it's a big you motto

daiki: me too i love you but i don't know you very well

gir:, you can take all you time for it, and my name is audrey ^^

daiki: yoroshiku audrey-chan i am happy eheheh 

audrey: of what?? *to embrace his arms...

daiki: because i have find my girl, my women and my sweetheart

and i love her *kiss her*

audrey: ow cute, i will kiss you so much...*µ*

daiki: really??

audrey: yes motto motto

daiki: i will me too *kiss on her lips*

audrey: i-m sleepy

daiki: sleep, i wake up you when we was arrive ^^

audrey: thank you my love

daiki: you're welcome my sweety

she sleep in his arms and he keep her like a princess

Tags: daiki arioka fanfic
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