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to the limit dvd and song


Hi, minna, i have my CD & DVD To The Limit le version, and i will share with you, so you can't use this video and don't repost the video and the songs without ask me ne ^___^

the password is hotlighting, i have converted to mp4 video ^__^ and if you can tell me thanks you, i will be happy e___e

Click here= Kat-tun News Songs

Password: tothelimit

Kat-tun DvD

Links here, because the file is long i have split this, but i have many parts ne,

the first and second parts have a password hotligting, all other mediafire links are no passwords, apart from 1 and 2, I put these other links as zip files because there are 177 parts for kat-tun to the limit making, you must extract everything into your computer and join with HJSplit!

Password: dvdtothelimit

Part 1Part 2

















Tell me if you can't open the files!! jya ne minna >w<

Gif by me:

Love triangle of bakaleya high

Story between yukiko, ruka and yuya ^^
it's long time that i have write a fanfic so sorry XD
ahahah it's a small like bakaleya story between fumie tatsuya tetsuya and ...... don't know her name -,-"
i hope that you enjoy ahahah ^o^

It's begin one day under the rain, it was a big meeting.....

yukiko and ruka was bestfriend, they love the same things, talk of all and nothing
in the same school and the same class but before they don't talk between her
something have reunite her ^^
they was always all both when someone is coming to destroy their relationship.....

It's the prologue ^=^

ruka and yukiko was in the arcades with somes of their friends come play
yukiko noticed someone who watch them

yukiko: eh ruka
ruka: doushite??
yukiko: someone watch us
ruka: ahahah you must dream
yukiko: no i don't dream, ne look now *she show him*
ruka: oh yes it's true but why?? *he look them with a big and sweet smile*
yukiko: mouhaha he is cute eheheh
ruka: it's true *blush* 
karina: ey what are you doing all both?? *whisper in ruka ear*
ruka: kyaaa *scream* don't make me afraid like it
karina: hummm, really?? what you look?? oh *surpise to see him* yuya-kun
yukiko: but what are you doing?? *will close her mouth* ahhh he come here
yuya: yoh karina isashiburi ^^
karina: isashiburi yuya-kun genki?? it's long time ne 
yuya: hai, i'm very busy because it's my last year in the high school you know
exam, university entrance, ect..... you don't mind to  present me your pretty friends??
yukiko & ruka: he have say pretty!! *shock*
yuya smile her
ruka & yukiko: ahhhhh >////<
karina: ahahah yes sorry: the first irl is ruka and the other yukiko
yuya: ohh nice and cute name, nice to meet you *shinning smile*
ruka & yukiko: *blush* nice to meet you too
yuya friend: yuya come we leave
yuya: okey well happy to have known Ruka & Yukiko and have you review karina
maybe the next time *smile*
all both: ah okey jya ne

ruka & yukiko: he is beautiful and sweet
karina: don't fell for him
yukiko & ruka: why??
karina: he can be a don juan 
ruka: ahahah hontoni?? XD
karina: yes
yukiko:it's no bother me i thinks that i love him *blush* i will confessed me to him
karina: really?? well i should support you come my friend
yukoko: really?? arigato ne ^^
karina: no problem it's my pleasure ne ruka too you support her??
ruka: *again shocked* ehhh?? ah yes yes okey
karina: you are relly fine??
ruka: yes really *will cry* gomen i go in home now
yukiko & karina: ah okey well we leave all
ruka: no sorry i will rest alone
karina: ah okey so tomorrow to school
ruka: yes *fake smile* see you
yukiko: tomorrow to school *big smile
ruka: yes of course

after that ruka have left

yukiko & karina:

yukiko: i thinks that she love him too and it's make hurt that i will confessed me to him *worried*
karina: yes i thinks too, but you two all both you must thinks in your feelings and choose
the love or the friendship
yukiko: yes you have right, well we must go in our home now it's late
karina yes you have right *take a bag* so good bye and at tomorrow in school
yukiko: yes bye tomorrow ^^

it's the begin of somes problems and the friendship between ruka and yukiko is in danger!!

>>>>>>+++++Wait the next chapter of love triangle of bakaleya high school++++<<<<<

penguin love romeance two >

3 months after:

they met always after theirs schools

they talk of all or nothing,

audrey: sorry, i don't am late??

daiki to hug her: no but i miss you

audrey; ow you are cute and sweet *nosebleed*

daiki: hontoi??

audrey: hai hontoni ^^

daiki leave her hand and hug her again: you also you ae cute funny and cute!!!

audrey kiss him on his lips: thank you my love i am so happy

daiki: me too you are my only love, i love you

audrey; i love you like a crazy you know; i will go in your home

daiki: you are sure

audrey: yes i am

daiki: okey, if you will ^^

audrey *happy and worried*: thank you

her mind: i will him now but i am afraid >

daiki: don't worried, i am so happy to be with you ^^

audrey: really??

daiki: yes

daiki: look my home

audrey: kirei it's cute

daiki: it's my parents who have choose this house

audrey; they have a good choice ^^

daiki *go to kitchen*:ok you will drink something??

audrey: maybe a coke or tea

daiki:  have the two

audrey: choose for me please

daiki: oket tea thus

audrey: ah but...

daiki, no it's good for your health

audrey: you have right sorry >

daiki like always :p

audrey; ahahah yes always ^^

daiki: love you kiss me

audrey*kiss him*: me too 

daiki* grab her in his room*; i will you audrey now i can't wait anymore

audrey: me too i have enough to wait i will you in me now

daik*close the door*i: it'll is a big and good night for we two

audrey *smile and kiss him*: yes very good

penguin romance

begin in the train, they are meet them...

daiki *look a windows*: say so boring, when the pretty girl like in his place...

he look her so much, he find her so pretty....

he say: i can't look her because she is so cute...

the pretty girl come and say:  scuse me, this place is no occuped??

daiki say: afraid no, it's no occuped

the girl say thanks and sit beside him

he is become red, so bushing

the girl thinks that: wahouu he i a cute boy, *o*

daiki say: she look me?? nande?? azakuchi

watashi wa afraid..

the girl look him with her beautiful eyes like for eat him

yes, he is cute miaaaam

and she talk with him

why you are alone??

daiki: say because my friends are bus

the girl: humm okey, you know i love you

daiki: ehhhhhh

the girl: yes it's a big smooth..love you motto

daiki: me too i love you but i don't know you very well

gir:, you can take all you time for it, and my name is audrey ^^

daiki: yoroshiku audrey-chan i am happy eheheh 

audrey: of what?? *to embrace his arms...

daiki: because i have find my girl, my women and my sweetheart

and i love her *kiss her*

audrey: ow cute, i will kiss you so much...*µ*

daiki: really??

audrey: yes motto motto

daiki: i will me too *kiss on her lips*

audrey: i-m sleepy

daiki: sleep, i wake up you when we was arrive ^^

audrey: thank you my love

daiki: you're welcome my sweety

she sleep in his arms and he keep her like a princess

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